D Stone Gallery is a one stop shop for all natural stone requirements. It mainly focuses on showcasing all kinds of Natural Stones. DStone Gallery will be a fully-fledged gallery where all kinds of naturalstones are displayed.

D Stone Gallery has some of its unique collection displayed at the gallery. One can select from its wide range of natural stones. Apart from this there are many other natural stones are displayed in the gallery which is not easily available in the market.

That customer who walks in to our gallery and select their own designs and can place an order immediately making it more time saving.This will give customers the flexibility to choose their own patterns and designs.

The lists of materials displayed in the gallery are mentioned below:

  Granite : This is generally used for flooring and cladding and granite is the standard for durable and aesthetic counter tops.
  Limestone : This can be used for bathrooms, kitchen, interior wall cladding and exterior wall cladding due to its soft texture.
  Slates : gives an ideal look for indoors and outdoors.
  Sandstones : as the name suggests sandstone when used for both flooring and cladding gives a rough texture making it last long.
  Flooring materials : sandstones, lime stones, pavers etc.
  Landscaping materials : cobbles, fountains, pebbles, pavers, etc.

What we do?

D Stone Gallery mainly aims at targeting small, medium, corporate, builders, architects etc…for major contracts. Those contracts will be served with the assistance of professionals working at the gallery. Therefore D Stone Gallery wants to initially gained recognition in the field of natural stones and has the capacity to carry out such excellent service in the coming years.

The main objective of D Stone Gallery in the coming years is to:
   Maintain good rapport with its clients.
   Generate new clients contracts .
   Generate more net profit in the coming years.

Hence D Stone Gallery is a one-stop-shop for all your stone needs and requirements. Visit our gallery to know more...

Why D Stone Gallery?

D Stone Gallery we make customers feel satisfied with the varieties we offer at the showroom. There are wide range of natural stones which truly attract the common eyes. We ensure total comfort and satisfaction to our clients. Apart from this the two major reasons why we stand different from others is We ensure timely delivery of the products ordered with us and make sure it is delivered within the stipulated time. And the second feature is that we even assist our clients in arranging Labour/Manpower. Hence, customers can rely upon us for their A-Z requirements. We make sure that no stone is left unturned.

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